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Wednesday, 15 September 2010 14:05

Welcome to the R&D homepage of the Department of Nuclear Medicine

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R&D plays an important role in the activities of the Department of Nuclear Medicine (DNM), similarly as in its predecessor institution, the first positron emission tomographic center in Hungary: the PET Center of the University of Debrecen. The recent research projects at the DNM have focused on advanced medical imaging, radiopharmaceutical development, PET techniques and preclinical research. As a result, a widespread clinical research infrastructure has been developed, including numerous medical imaging servers, workstations, software, radiochemical synthesis systems, autoradiographic instrumentation and the first Hungarian PET scanner, the MiniPET.

The current goals of preclinical research, radiopharmaceutical development and the medical imaging groups at the DNM are to provide quality research core services to researchers at the University of Debrecen and to collaborate directly with the pharmaceutical industry and other academic institutions with a view to accelerating the development of new drugs, and diagnostic and imaging methods.

Our facilities, our nearly 20 years of experience and the wide-ranging clinical background at the University of Debrecen allow us to offer numerous effective services aimed at promoting clinical drug development or basic research programs in interested partner institutions.


Hungarian official web-site of Department of Nuclear Medicina